I’m rubbish at writing about myself but I’ll try.

I’m Alahna and welcome to my blog! I’m 25 years old and I live in Baltimore, MD (hence the “Charmed” in the blog title.   It is Charm City after all!)

I majored in history and then went on the receive my Masters in Library Science.  While there is so much more to librarianship than a love of books and reading that is what originally led to my decision when choosing a masters program.   I’m still searching for a job but I’m filling my time by reading, reading, and more reading.

I read mostly YA.   The few times I delve into adult literature it is usually a fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural type book. I tend to stay away from Contemporary/Realistic fiction, sometimes in YA but especially in adult books because I often find them a tad depressing.   I do try to read a few middle grade novels each year because I truly believe that the tween years are extremely important in building an army of life long readers.

Beyond that I am usually up for any genre except for non-fiction.   After four  (ok 5, but I spent the last year writing my thesis) years of studying history I am over non-fiction.

When I’m not reading I can be found watching too much TV, practicing yoga, spending time with my two cats (or maybe my boyfriend but probably the cats), in a book store buying more books to add to my TBR list or at the grocery store. I swear, I enjoy shopping for the food more than I do cooking it.



Because they are simply too cute not to share.  Zoe and Harper Elliot

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