It’s Not You, It’s Me (It’s Totally You): Series I’ve Abandoned


Sometimes I’m really bad at finishing series, especially if the series isn’t complete.  If I read a book and then I have to wait months for the sequel, there is a good chance I won’t continue because I will have forgotten 85% of what happened in the original.  Sometimes it happens when the whole series is complete and I love the first book.  I just wait too long before actually getting to the 2nd book and then I still forget what happened.   I’m getting better at waiting for the majority of the series to be out before I begin, but it’s still an issue.

There are, however, quite a few series that I have knowingly and willingly abandoned.  There are some I would consider giving a second chance and others you couldn’t pay me to touch with a 10 foot pole. (Total lie. I would read almost anything if you paid me. Even 50 Shades of Grey.)

Here are 8 series I have abandoned within the past couple of years.  These do not include any series where I have DNFed the first book.

Might Give Another Try

  • Series: Graceling Realm
  • Author: Kristen
  • Read: Graceling

I’m not quite sure why I decided to abandon this series as I read is awhile ago and have, of course, forgotten most of it.  I did like the book, but I probably didn’t think it was anything special enough to continue on.  I don’t think I was invested enough in the world to make reading 2 more books worthwhile.

  • Series: Steampunk Chronicles
  • Author: Kady Cross
  • Read: The Girl in the Steel Corset

I remember being a bit bored while reading this and just wanting it to be over and I think that is why I decided not to continue with the series.  But I’m sometimes a mood reader so it is possible that it just wasn’t the right time for me to read this book. I am kind of interested in the series still, so I might give it another try eventually.



  • Series: The Moral Instruments
  • Author: Casandra Clare
  • Read: City of Bones, City of Ashes,  City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls

I read 5/6 of these damn books and then gave up.  I did like the first one, so I think I owe it to myself to at least try and finish the series one day, even though I do not like Clare.

  • Series: The Selection
  • Author: Kiera Cass
  • Read: The Selection

It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be based on all the bad reviews.  It was a bit ridiculous, sure, but I remembering finding it  entertaining.  I feel like the series could be a great beach read so I might try again on vacation.








You Would Have to Pay Me

  • Series: Goddess Test
  • Author: Aimee Carter
  • Read: The Goddess Test

You can read my Goodreads review right here.  This book was a complete waste of time and the author destroyed Greek mythology.

  • Series:  House of Night
  • Author: P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
  • Read: Marked

Not my least favorite book of all time, but definitely up there. I don’t really remember much, but I remember finding it to be completely and totally ridiculous.  And I’m sorry, but the spelling “vampyre” just annoys the shit out of me.

  • Series: Evernight
  • Author: Claudia Gray
  • Read: Evernight

I hated this book. It was so fucking stupid.  My GR review was simply “I think this is possibly one of the worst books I have ever read. That’s really all i have to say about it.”  I think I would charge double to read this one again.

  • Series: Castor Chronicles
  • Author: Kami Garcia and Margaret Sthol
  • Read: Beautiful Creatures

My review for Beautiful Creatures is already on this blog. You can read it here.  Basically I hated the characters and I was really bored.


What about you guys?  Do you abandon series on purpose? If so, what does it take for you to completely give up on a series?  Which ones  have you abandoned recently?







23 thoughts on “It’s Not You, It’s Me (It’s Totally You): Series I’ve Abandoned

  1. I can definitely sympathize with you on the Mortal Instruments. I loved the first three books of the series, then felt like I had to work to get through the next three. I still haven’t finished the last one, though I started reading it nearly two years ago. I want to, simply because I want to give Lady Midnight a try, but it was just so much work and there are so many other better books to read.


    • I remember liking the 2nd and 3rd books as well (wasn’t that like, the original trilogy and then she added on to it?) but by the 4th and 5th books I remember thinking it went way down hill. And you are so right. there are so many other books I could be reading!


    • I still always feel bad when I break up with a series but I’ve been doing it more and more recently. Life is too short to read shitty books. And thank you! I had a wonderful week and I hope you did as well!


  2. I would definitely recommend finishing the Selection series – they are fun reads, good for the beach, as you said!

    I never made it past the first Mortal Instruments book. I liked the premise of the series, but that first book was so.. I don’t know.. wordy? It was just too much information for me to try to remember!


  3. I only read the first three mortal instruments. I do suggest picking the rest of the selection series if you ever need something light or if you have nothing to read, it is very entertaining! ❤


  4. There are not many series that I give up on. Now sometimes I”ll try the first book in a series, and usually end up reading the remainder of the series b/c I like to read serial books. But there are a very small handful that I do give up on but I can’t tell you off the top of my head what they are right now.

    I do have the Castor Chronicles on my TBR list though…


  5. None of the books you mentioned I have read before (thank God!) but I have heard some mixed thoughts on The Selection. I have been meaning to read the Mortal Instruments though, despite all the mixed reviews as well.
    As for me personally, one of the series I gave up on long ago was the Forest of Hands and Teeth series. I almost gave up on the Divergent trilogy as well but as it turns out the third book wasn’t as bad as I expected it would be ☺️


  6. I am with you on Graceling — I read the first book and it wasn’t my favorite. I think I was expecting something amazing based on the rave reviews but it was just ok for me


  7. The only two series on your list that I’ve tried are Mortal Instruments and House of Night. I know I read the first three Mortal Instruments. I don’t know how many House of Night books I read, but a few. I just got sick of them. I really got burnt out of YA about the time that I quit these series.

    I quit a few series this year. Anita Blake and Black Dagger Brotherhood are two series that will not be continuing. I’m coming to the realization that there are too many series/books that I want to read to stick with series that aren’t as good as they used to be or that I’m not enjoying just because I started the series and feel the need to finish it. I want to make more time for books that I might enjoy more. I’m going to try to be even better about cutting more series that I’m not enjoying. Great topic.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads


    • I read that! You are so right about feeling like you are missing out and the fact that reading an entire series at once can be a bit overwhelming. Personally I’ve realized that I’d risk the “fomo ” in order to just be able to remember what happened! My memory is the worst!


  8. I completely agree with you on the House of Night and Castor Chronicles series. I don’t remember anything that happens in Marked or the next four books, but I read them super fast and hated all of the characters and everything about these books *ten years ago* when I had horrible taste in books, so I’m sure it would definitely do nothing for me now!
    I really liked Graceling (I think) but I don’t remember there being any real reason to read the sequel. I definietely understand how it’d be nothing special – there is definitely better things out there.
    Great list! 😀


  9. Same with you, I never finished The Mortal Instruments. I actually like City of Bones, but I lose interest when I read City of Ashes. I do like The Infernal Devices though, so maybe I’ll give her newest series a try. The Selection is a pretty light and adorable read, so if you’re in the mood for that, go for it 🙂 Anyway, great post!


  10. I wasn’t a huge fan of The Selection. I teetered between two and three stars for a while after reading it, but I’m glad that I kept up with the series. I personally think it got better as it moved along, and the romance in it was kind of adorable. Now I know a lot of people really hate The Heir, but that’s my favorite book in the series. I thought that Eadlyn was kind of a witchy character, and I liked her for it.

    I gave up on Lauren Conrad’s YA series L.A. Candy. I read the first book, and actually owned all three, but I felt like she was just rehashing her time on The Hills. It wasn’t really worth it for me to keep the books around in hopes that I’d read them.

    I haven’t given up on it yet, but I haven’t read any of the Tearling books since The Queen of the Tearling came out back in 2014. I think I’ll end up rereading TQotT and then reading the next two books right after over the summer.


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