Just Have to Say

Hamilton was AMAZING.  I mean, I’ve been hearing it for months now, but honestly, I was blown away.  I am so happy that a) I was able to see it with the original Broadway cast and b) I didn’t listen to the soundtrack beforehand.

Before we went the boyfriend kept mentioning how he didn’t like Alexander Hamilton (he’s currently taking a constitutional law history class so had to read a lot of the Federalist papers and stuff) and I kept telling him “well, at least he dies in the end”.  But I’m happy to report that both the BF and my dad loved it as well.  BF and I had last seen Book of Mormon together and Hamilton has definitely replaced that as my favorite musical.

Just so amazing.  Everyone in it was so amazing, but I think my personal favorite has to be Daveed Diggs as Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson. And while I loved all of the songs (really, I don’t think there was a single mediocre song in the show) I LOVED Jonathan Groff’s King George III songs. I’ve had them stuck in my head since we left the theater.  Such a catchy melody.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about Hamilton as a person (honestly the only thing I ever really remember learning about him was that he died in a duel with Aaron Burr) but I really, really want to read not only his biography, but other founding father’s as well.

I might read a book sometime soon.  Until then,  please excuse me while I go listen to the soundtrack on repeat.

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