Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World

I don’t know where it came from but one day within the past 2 years I just became obsessed with Disney World. I don’t know why but every few months the desire to plan a vacation comes over me and I spend a few days obsessively reading Disney blogs, listening to podcasts and watching vlogs. Especially after spending a day at Universal (which I my opinion is all you really need.  It is totally possible to do everything in one day) my desire to be in Disney World has come back in full force.

So I’m currently planning a Disney vacation that will take place either in May or September of 2017.  Far away, but when you need to book your dining reservations 180 days in advance, the more time for planning the better.

And Disney is not cheap. The ticket prices just went up again, so by the time my trip comes around my budget might be a bit out of date, but for now I think I need to save up at least $4,000, but probably closer to $5,000 just to make sure that I have everything covered.

I’m planning this trip for me and my boyfriend after he graduates law school. It’s taken a few months but he’s finally resigned to the fact that we are going and he doesn’t really have a choice.  (He gets a free trip to the most magical place on Earth, so he shouldn’t really be complaining anyway.)

Flight: $500

Hopefully I will be able to find tickets from the DC area to Orlando that are close to $500 round trip. I live closest to BWI but I would gladly head over to Reagan or Dulles for a cheaper flight (even if it does mean heading into the dreaded state of Virginia).

Hotel: $1,000

Obviously this could totally change, but right now I am planning on saving $1,000 for our hotel. Right now I am thinking 7 nights and 6 days at Disney (this could also change, hence the extra $1000) at Pop Century Resort.  We could stay offsite for cheaper but I want to be completely immersed in the Disney bubble for our first trip together.  Pop Century is a value resort on Disney property.  I’ve done quite a bit of research and while of course I would rather stay at one of the Deluxe, paying $300+ per night just isn’t feasible right now.  One day.

Tickets: $1000

So as of right now, 6 days with the park hopper option comes in at around $900 for 2 people. I don’t actually plan on buying my tickets through Disney, but through a legit ticket seller that offers a small discount, but still, it would probably be close to $900.  I could save money by not having the park hopper option but I definitely want to be able to leave a park and head to another at the spur of the moment if we feel like it.  I’m also getting 6 day tickets even if we decide to spend most of the day outside of the park.  I want to be able to go see the fireworks or something if we feel like it.

Dining: $1000

The boyfriend and I like to eat. We enjoy good food, and thankfully Disney has a lot of great options.  So while I don’t plan on buying the Disney dining plan (and probably won’t end up going during a time when free dining is available) I’m budgeting around $1000 for food.  To be honest this is probably where we will end up going over the budget the most.  I don’t plan on eating at many fine dining selections, but the ones I want to go to are of course, some of the most expensive.  Mostly we plan to eat at counter service or quick service options.

Misc/Souvenirs: $500

I definitely don’t plan on buying $500 worth of souvenirs, but this is basically where the original $4000 budget called for some wiggle room. If we went over in dining we would take from this or if we wanted to do a tour or do a little shopping.


So as of right now, the budget is still $4,000. Of course as we get closer to our actual trip I will have to adjust.  I currently already have $3,000 saved so getting to $5,000 shouldn’t be that hard with over a year to go. There are lots of things I want to do on this vacation, so I might create a Disney Bucket list in my spare time as I still don’t seem to be in the mood to read.

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