A Charmed Week 2/1-2/7


In My Life

This week has taken a bit of a toll on me.  We took our cats to the vet for an overdue check up and both of them are overweight! I blame the boyfriend who feeds them whenever they sit by their bowls and look at him (even when they still have food IN the bowl).  Zoe is a really small cat so even at 9 pounds she is overweight.  Harper on the other hand is 16 lbs! I was wondering why it hurt so much when she would use my chest as a springboard.  She needs to lose 2 pounds.  And now we have to buy special diet food.  AND Zoe has to have anesthesia and have her teeth cleaned on Tuesday.

I’m also taking an online class that is really stressing me out.  It’s a Diversity in Children’s Lit class and I’m just taking it for fun (I could get continuing education but I don’t even need it at the moment), but I’ve discovered that online classes are the worst.  Way more stressful than classes in person.  Even with my immense fear of public speaking I’d still rather sit in a classroom.  It’s not even graded, but I have constant knots in my stomach over it.

And my little sister saw Hamilton last night and I’m insanely jealous.

But I did get to spend the day with one of my really good friends yesterday, so that was really nice.  And it’s Superbowl Sunday which means FOOTBALL IS OVER!!!!  And I get to see my best friends this week and spend the weekend in Florida so, life isn’t really too bad when you think about it.

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2 pre-ordered books arrived this week (one of them was a week late thanks to the snow!)

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Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 5.42.09 PM.pngUpcoming:

3 days of work and then on Wednesday I take an evening train to NYC to spend the night in the city with my BFFs before we go to Florida for the long weekend/Valentines Day.



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7 thoughts on “A Charmed Week 2/1-2/7

  1. I have a cat who’s a little on the plump side too, so I can relate. Course it doesn’t help I do give him treats perhaps a bit too often! LOL I had to get my cat’s teeth cleaned too, and between that and some tests it cost a fortune!

    I like the cover of Lucky Strikes, and nice post on pet peeve. I always laugh at books (and movies too) where they have dozens of people dancing at parties like that- parties I went to were never like that, so yeah. Good post. 🙂


  2. We have two cats and one is probably creeping into the obese category now :/ He’s a food bully, and always pushes our other (thin) cat out of the way and will eat the entire bowl of food which is supposed to be for both cats. Plus he’s an indoor/outdoor cat and I think he’s mooching from other houses (either that or he’s hunting very large animals and eating them whole lol).


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