Top Ten Historical Settings I Love (and need to read more of)

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I really love historical fiction, but I don’t read enough of it.  These are a few of my favorite time periods to read about.  For this TTT, I only focused on YA.

Ancient History

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Really any type of ancient history, although I would love to learn more about Ancient China, Japan India and Egypt.  I used to really love Ancient Egypt back when I was young, but I haven’t really read any books set there.

Tudor England

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I, like so many others before me, was once obsessed with the Tudors.  Damn you Philippa Gregory! No, but seriously. I need to read more books set in Tudor England.  Actually just England In general.  Give me all books about England from the days the Anglo Saxons arrived.  English history makes my head spin.

Colonial America

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When I first went into college I thought I wanted to focus on Colonial America. But I ended up writing my thesis on a bunch of Jewish women in the 1950s, so as you can see I changed my mind.  But The Witch of Blackbird Pond has stuck with me for years, so I would love to read more books like that.

Regency England

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I recently started reading Regency Romances, so I’m in a Regency type of mood.

Victorian England

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Wow it seems I am just super obsessed with British history. I think this might have been the only YA Victorian I found that took place in England and wasn’t supernatural.  Any suggestions?

Turn of the Century America

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Specifically life in the cities during this period.  I don’t know what it is, but there is just something so glamorous, and you know that it’s hiding such an ugly truth and I’m so interested in reading more.

Edwardian England

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I blame Downton Abbey.

1920s America

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Flappers. Jazz. Gangsters. Prohibition.  This decade has it all.

1960s/1970s America

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Vietnam is my favorite War (Is it weird to have a favorite war? Especially one as controversial as Vietnam?  Whatever I majored in history.) My dad was in the Marines during Vietnam, and then became a hippie who was at Woodstock.  Whenever we go to concerts at Bethel Woods, the new performing arts center they set up at the site of Woodstock, in Bethel NY, my dad points out exactly where he sat on the hill and how smart he was by making camp  near a medical tent.  Plus there are so many different cultural/social aspects of these two decades that you can focus on in historical novels!


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It’s actually really hard to find a YA set in the 1990s that I really want to read.

Ok, I actually refuse to consider the 1990s historical at any point in my lifetime because I was alive for the entire decade.  I was born in 1989.  I grew up in the 90s and “came of age” in the early 2000s.  But sometimes I really wish I had been born just a few years earlier so that I could have been a teenager in the 1990s.  I would have rocked the grunge. And while I am entirely thankful that I was raised on computers, I just have so much nostalgia for a “simple” life.

These books are just examples of books I would like to read. 

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Historical Settings I Love (and need to read more of)

  1. To me Ancient history is the most fascinating period and I would love to see them being explored in books, especially since it is this period that essentially set the basis of cultural beliefs. 😀


  2. Oh man, I hope the 1990s aren’t considered historical. Ouch! I graduated high school and college in the 90s 🙂

    I also love reading about Colonial America and Victorian England. They were such exciting times of progress and discovery, but also so backward and scary.

    Happy TTT!


  3. Ancient history and the various English eras- agree with all those. As for YA Victorian recs, I thought of School for Unusual Girls, but then I remembered that was Napoelonic era- I’m getting fuzzy on which ones I’ve read. And The Vanishing Thief series is Victorian I think, but those are cozies more than YA. So… not the greatest recommendations. 😦

    Anyway 60’s/70’s America is a fun one. I love the music of that era.

    “rocked the grunge” LOL. Ah, 90’s music! 🙂


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