Just One More–Err Wait A a Minute

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My Just One More has always been about the books I add to my TBR on Goodreads, not my actual physical TBR (which is still probably around 75 books).  In recent weeks I’ve tried to curb what I add, and I have been doing better! There were some weeks where I added 20 books, and I’m happy to say that this week, I only added 4, all of which are actually on my “Maybe” shelf.


I’m going to added a goal to my 2016 resolutions.  Put together, my  “To Read” and “Maybe” shelf  have around 888 books.  In 2016, I don’t want that number to get over 900 (I’d say 890 and just stop it right here, but that’s SUPER stressful!)  No body needs a list of 900 books taunting them, reminding them that there will probably never been enough time in the world to get through them.

What about you guys?  Have any resolutions to cut down on the number of books you add, even to your virtual TBR?

4 thoughts on “Just One More–Err Wait A a Minute

  1. I have Dark Lovers on my ereader somewhere and I’ve never read it because it was something I downloaded for free forever ago. My boyfriend’s mom and sister reccommended Moon Called from Patricia Briggs to me but I haven’t had the chance to pick it up yet. I’m a maybe on them both as well


  2. OH wow I don’t think I could cut down on my virtual TBR! I like to add books that I may never read but just sound interesting! I do organize reading lists with my ARC but my TBR list probably should be cleaned up. I highly recommend Some Girls Bite btw


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