2016 Bookish and Lifestyle Goals

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week’s theme is Top Ten Resolutions for 2016

Bookish Goals:

  • Read 150 books
    1. I should be able to do this pretty easily, as I almost made it in 2014 and surpassed it in 2015.
  • Complete at least half of the challenges I’ve signed up for
    • I joined a lot of challenges this year, basically just as a way to get myself to read more books, so I’d like to finish at least half of them, or make it halfway in all of them
  • Try to read more classics/non-fiction/adult
    • Boring and Depressing are the words that come to mind when I think about these genres/age groups.  But I probably am missing out on some great books by ignoring them.
  • Weed my book collection every few months and organize my shelves
    • I have way too many books that are basically just thrown on my shelf because I get too overwhelmed when I try to organize them.  I’d like to fix this.
  • Continue blogging and make more bookish friends
    • I’m terrible at making friends, both IRL and online so COME SAY HI!  I’ve loved the last few months of blogging and I really hope I sticj with it

Lifestyle Goals

  • Develop a yoga practice that I can stick to and continue to go to the gym
    1. I was going to say “lose weight” but really I’d rather just try and stay active and healthy.
  • Be more confident in my body/self
    • It’s been a struggle since I was 12, and even more so as I’ve gotten older (which you think would be the opposite) but it’s something I really want to work on.
  • Cook dinner at home more often
    • We eat out way too much mainly because I’m lazy and don’t want to cook and I never buy more than one night’s meal at the grocery store.  It’s wasting a lot of money and probably making it harder for me to lose weight, so I’m going to try and be better about this.
  • Maybe start a shopping ban in general
    • I’m thinking of a book buying ban and just a general shopping ban for the future.  I need to really write some rules down and then see if I can really do it.  I’ll probably take it month by month.
  • Clean/organize my apartment
    • I’ve always been messy (My 5th grade teacher told my mom he’s never seen someone so disorganized be so smart, which doesn’t really make that much sense now that I think about it 16 years later) and I’ve always had a lot of stuff.  I’d LOVE to go minimalist, but I’m too attached to stupid things and I’d probably freak out like those sad people on Hoarders.  I really just need to start small.

So those are my goals/resolutions! What about you guys?? Have any advice for me?

21 thoughts on “2016 Bookish and Lifestyle Goals

  1. 150 books! That is incredible! I also want to make blogging friends. Hi, I’m Elizabeth. My top two fandoms are Star Wars and Harry Potter. I read YA contemporary, horror, and sci-fi. Top two favorite authors are Jenny Han and Stephanie Perkins. I blog at bookyabber.com.

    Your goals are great and I know that you’re going to achieve greatness! Happy 2016 to you!

    My TTT


    • Hi! I’m Alahna. Harry Potter will always be my favorite books and I just saw the new Star Wars movie last night (although I’ve never made it through the originals, but after watching last night I decided I am going to). I read mostly YA, any genre and I don’t really have favorite authors. So nice to meet you!


      • I really liked the movie (except for one part which made me super sad and I. I’ve seen all the prequels…and now I’ve started with the sequels so I really do have to watch the original ones. I remember liking the prequels, but then again I had nothing to compare them to!


  2. Great resolutions! It is definitely hard to read outside of preferred genres but sometimes you find great books that way! Good luck!! Happy 2016!


  3. OOoh nice! This is the first year I failed at reading 150 books, but I had set my goal to 100 anyway. Though I did read a lot of loooong books, so I figure that’s gotta count for something! LOL! And Oblivion in ebook form would’ve counted for 3 too! 😉

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂


  4. As a teacher, I can tell you often my most intelligent students are disorganized! Its just the way the brain works sometimes! So, embrace the mess as long as it doesn’t stop you from being productive! Good luck with your reading challenges! I am only doing the goodreads challenge this year-I find that if I HAVE to read a certain book, I already like it less (you know, just like in school when you had to read a certain book!)


    • Well I must be a genius then! And I totally feel you about the “required reading” aspect, which is why I basically just picked challenges that would allow me to have to most leeway with choosing my books (besides the classics challenge. I just have to suck it up with that one).


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