But First, Let Me Take a Shelfie

I got new bookshelves! Well, technically they are rolling carts, but I decided to use them to hold some of my books.  As soon as I ordered them I knew I wanted one to be dedicated solely to  Harry Potter.  And that’s just what I did.


I couldn’t get a picture in front of it because the sun was too bright and you could see my reflection.  And OK, the candle isn’t exactly Harry Potter but there’s a stag on it!


Original US hardcover and paperback versions. I only actually read from the paperback versions since those are so easy to replace if they fall apart.  And these little guys are too cute! I decided just to go with the Golden Trio.


The special paperback covers that build Hogwarts and the UK paperbacks. Both of which will never, ever be opened or read from.

And then I had a whole second cart that had to be filled.  I thought about putting all of the classics I own on it, but they didn’t fit.  So then I had the most wonderful idea.


Percy Jackson (and Magnus Chase) and A Song of Ice and Fire! My two other favorite series of all time.


This is just a close of the top.  A picture from Arizona, my best friends (I’m the asshole in the pink), and my Nanny’s music box and my Poppy’s glasses.


Close up of the PJ Shelf. I don’t have the paperback version of The Blood of Olympus yet, and I’ll have to rearrange when more Magnus Chase/the Apollo books come out (might have give Rick his own shelf at that point) but it works for now!


It was such a bitch trying to find a way to get all 10 books on here without much space left over.  Obviously this shelf is incomplete and probably will be for the next 15 years.  One day…


Dany’s ready for her close up.  I got this in a subscription box (I think).  It was too cute not to add.  And please ignore the tape on A Clash of Kings. As with HP I only read from the paperbacks and I kind of destroyed that one.  And if it looks bad from here, you should see the inside.

I’m actually really proud of these! It was my first time ever really taking the time to design my shelves


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