The Ever Growing TBR

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Last week I decided that I should probably try to slow down on how many books I add to my TBR list on Goodreads and I’m happy to say I succeeded!  Kind of.  I still added some books of course, but not nearly as many as in past weeks.

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I actually put this on my “Maybe” shelf, which means it’s not technically on my TBR.  Every few months I go through my “Maybe” shelf and either add it to my TBR or remove it from my shelves entirely.  The reason I’m not sure about this is because I get really angry when people are treated badly for something that THEY themselves didn’t do.  So I just don’t know if I want to be angry throughout reading this.


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Another “Maybe”.  I’m slowly making my way through listening to Alice in Wonderland.  I have tried to read this book more times than I can count and I always get to the same part and stop reading.  Ususally around the time with the Duchess (?) and the pig.  So I’ve been listening to it (let me tell you, listening to it while you’re falling asleep will lead to some trippy dreams).  So I might read this after I finally finish.  I haven’t heard the best things about it, but I do like the cover.

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I’ve been seeing this book EVERYWHERE lately.  It’s not very high on my list of anticipated 2016 releases, but it sounds like it has the potential to be a really good book.  Plus the cover makes me hungry.

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There’s just something about New Orleans that just draws me in.  And ghosts stories.  I recently read a YA ghost story that ACTUALLY scared me, so I’ve been on the hunt for more.

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You had me at “fans of Sarah Dessen”.  Plus The City is always a wonderful setting for a novel.

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I’m always on the lookout for good NA.  At 26 I feel as if I should have more in common with these characters than in standard YA, but the quality is usually not as good.  I’ve read good things about Caged in Winter so I’m excited to give it a shot.

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I recently became obsessed with Chicago Fire so when I saw this, I added it right away.  I’ve had some good luck with Adult Romances in the past few weeks, so I’m willing to keep reading them.  And that cover alone is reason enough.


What did you guys add to your TBR lists?



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