A Charmed Week

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I did something a little different. I added a bit about my personal life at the bottom on this post.  I’ve tried to keep it separated, but maybe just in the weekly reviews so maybe it will help you guys get to know me better.




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So this week started off on my birthday!! I turned 26 😦  I wasn’t able to go out to dinner or anything because my boyfriend has law school finals this week 😦 BUT I did get some awesome presents I wanted, and I got to spend time with my family and friends the week before so that’s all I really wanted.

we have a lot of November birthdays in my family.  And I get my own ice cream cake because it’s the only kind I like.


I put up my Christmas tree!  It’s a fake one this year (Because a bug crawled on me last year so I was done with it).  I haven’t gone to the storage unit to get the rest of the ornaments yet, but it still looks pretty.


Ignore the mess of books behind it.  It’s a work in progress.


And on Friday night the Boyfriend and I went to the Washington Wizards game!  I’m not a huge sports fan, but I really do love actually going to Basketball, Hockey and Baseball games!IMG_4019-1

5 thoughts on “A Charmed Week

  1. Happy belated birthday! And oh my, I’d be done with real trees too if a bug crawled on me! I do have a scar where my fingers once got caught/scraped while putting a tree in the stand, but no bugs lol. Though fake trees are honestly starting to look more appealing for the whole less-work thing, and they do still look pretty.


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