2016 Hard Core Re-Read Challenge


I’m joining the 2016 Hard Core Re-Reading Challenge hosted by Lois @ You, Me and a Cup of Tea. Since it overlaps with some of my personal challenges it shouldn’t be that hard.


  • First off, this challenge is for EVERYBODY! That means YOU! I want anyone and everyone to join in on the fun!
  • I suggest you make a list of books that you want to re-read for 2015 and post it with your sign up post. You are welcome to add to it as the year goes on and you definitely don’t have to read them all. I recommend it be a suggested list and you can just chose books off of it as you go along.
  • The challenge officially runs from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. ONLY books started AND finished in that time frame will count.
  • The link where you can post your reviews will be up shortly. That way not only can everyone enjoy other people’s review but also that is how I’ll keep track of how many books you complete for the drawing at the end (see below). I don’t care how short or long your review is. 🙂
  • For every ten books you re-read your name will be entered in a drawing and if you complete the challenge you signed up for it is entered again. So even if you go overboard and think you can re-read fifty books but only end up re-reading 20, you can still be eligible for prizes! There will be three winners. The first place winner will get their choice of a book or a literary trinket (costing $20 or less) from Amazon. Second place will have the same option only costing $15 or less and third place the same costing $10 or less.
  • All forms of books are allowable including actual book, ebook and audiobook.
  • If you don’t have a blog but still want to participate you can sign up with a comment and use Goodreads for reviews or I suppose even comment on the reviews page with your reviews. I don’t want to exclude anyone from joining in the fun. 🙂
  •  Registration is open from now right up until the end on December 31, 2016.


  • Level 1 0-15 Re-reading itch
  • Level 2 16-25 Re-reading bug
  • Level 3 26-35 Re-reading fever
  • Level 4 36-50 Re-reading paralysis
  • Level 5 50+ Re-reading coma

I’m going for Level 2 16-25 Re-reading bug


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