Looking Forward

Three posts in one day? Now that’s a bit much!  But it is December 1st and that means  my birthday month is over and now I’m ready for snow.  Baltimore, however, is always a bit behind in the weather department.  We have a few days of rain ahead of us with no sign of snow:(

I thought I would try a new Monthly post where I look ahead to the coming month and set out what books I intend to read.  So much of what/how I read is based on my mood, but now that I have a blog, I really do feel as if I should read the ARCs I am provided and review them (in a timely fashion).

ARCs to Read in December (For publication in January 2016)

COYER Challenge (these are all ARCs I never got around to reading)

That’s a lot of assigned reading to get through, but I know I’ll make room for some of the just for fun books!  And I only 2 more books until I’ve reached my Goodreads reading goal of 160 books, so YAY!

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