Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber

It’s my birthday!  As of 11:30 am I am officially 26 years old.  I’m not terribly upset about getting older, it just kind of sucks that my 20s are more than half over. I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate with my family in New York over Thanksgiving, but today is just a normal day.  Just got back from the gym and now I have to get ready to go to work in a few hours. I did eat like 3 cupcakes though.

In celebration of my birthday, here is a review!

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Dashing Through the Snow

Debbie Macomber

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Ashley Davison, a graduate student in California, desperately wants to spend the holidays with her family in Seattle. Dashiell Sutherland, a former army intelligence officer, has a job interview in Seattle and must arrive by December 23. Though frantic to book a last-minute flight out of San Francisco, both are out of luck: Every flight is full, and there’s only one rental car available. Ashley and Dash reluctantly decide to share the car, but neither anticipates the wild ride ahead.

At first they drive in silence, but forced into close quarters Ashley and Dash can’t help but open up. Not only do they find they have a lot in common, but there’s even a spark of romance in the air. Their feelings catch them off guard—never before has either been so excited about a first meeting. But the two are in for more twists and turns along the way as they rescue a lost puppy, run into petty thieves, and even get caught up in a case of mistaken identity. Though Ashley and Dash may never reach Seattle in time for Christmas, the season is still full of surprises—and their greatest wishes may yet come true.


After having some bad luck in the Christmas books I found for the season (besides the wonderful Sleigh Bells in the Snow) I am happy to announcethat I have found another adorable Christmas read.

The banter between Ashley and Dash was delightful and it’s totally true that a puppy makes everything better. While there was of course instalove (it does take place over a 3 day road trip) I didn’t even mind it. I think that’s the thing about romances; I just expect there to be instalove so it doesn’t annoy me as much. And the fact that Ashley kept throwing around NCIS and Gibbs references totally helped. I do love me some Gibbs.

I probably would have rated this 4 stars if it hadn’t been for a few minor annoyances.

  1. The FBI plot was strange. It was annoying to have the POV shift to the agents, both of whom were pretty much cardboard caricatures. They didn’t come off as the most effective agents either. And then the whole plot point seemed rushed when it was finally resolved.
  2. The completely random POV shift to the two teenagers who steal their license plate. I get that there kind of had to be one to explain what happened, it just felt a little weak.
  3. And taken with the two points above, the fact that this was not an official dual-POV novel. I really wish I could have gotten some of the story from Dash’s perspective. I want to know more about his heartbreak and his time in the military!

I still totally enjoyed it. And I just found out it’s going to be made into a Hallmark Christmas movie (which kind of makes me think that Macomber wrote the book in order for a movie to be made). Meghan Ory, who I know as Red from Once Upon a Time is going to be Ashley. She’s not really how I pictured her, but oh well. The guy who will be playing Dash is super hot. I might actually even watch it.

photos taken from IMDB


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