Weekly Review

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Happy Sunday all! Hope everyone one had a wonderful week and weekend! I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow but at least it’s only a 3 day work week! On Wednesday I’ll be making the 4 hour drive up to my parents house in New York with the boyfriend and my two cats.  Should be a fun ride.  But it will be nice to see my family and friends!

This weekend I went to Oyster Riot in DC.  Third time going and it was just as wonderful as always.  All you can drink wine and all you can eat Oysters is my type of party.  On the train ride back to Baltimore I met the most wonderful girl who made me realize  how important it is, as a soon-to-be (hopefully!) librarian,  for me to read, not only for myself, but for tweens and teens.  Unless the book is so bad that it is impossible, I will always try to find the good in a book.

Here at The Charmed Reader I had quite a week as well.



I joined 3 more challenges for 2016.  These are the first 3 that aren’t personal challenges so that’s exciting.  I really want to meet some other book bloggers so hopefully this helps!

And while I didn’t participate in Top Ten Tuesday this week (I’m not much of a quotes person anymore.  I was going to put together 10 of my favorite HP quotes but there are too many and I felt bad choosing!) I did pick a Waiting on Wednesday book.

This week I chose Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner because I CAN’T WAIT to find out how the series ends.

And of course I added a shit ton of books to my TBR list in this weeks Just One More .

I have a lot planned for this coming week!

Thanks for stopping by!


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