October Wrap Up

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Month: October, 2015

Books Read: 20

Revival Vol 3: A Faraway Place         Revival Vol 4: Escape to Wisconsin

by Tim Seeley

4 stars

I love this comic. Or is it a graphic novel?  I am never quite sure.  I’ll call it a comic since it is released in issues.  These two volumes bring together issues  #12-23 that follows the aftermath of a sort of zombie revival.  I say sort of Zombies because besides the fact that they were brought back to life and don’t seem to be able to die (not easily anyway) they don’t feed on the living.  This is such a creepy comic and it is pretty much what I was looking for when I started The Walking Dead and didn’t exactly find.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 5.41.53 PMThe Odds of Getting Even (Tupelo Landing #3)

by Sheila Turnage

4 stars

I know these books are middle grade (and possibly even the younger half) but I LOVE THIS SERIES. Mo and Dale, with their newest inter Harm, continue to be astute detectives.  I liked this third addition even more than the 2nd one (The ghostly aspect turned me off a bit).  Mo is just as sassy as ever and she might just be my spirit animal.

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Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No Bullshit Guide to World Mythology

by Cory O’Brien

3 stars

Thinking back probably 15 years to elementary school, my favorite social studies lessons involved ancient history. So it is no surprise that I love mythology.  And Rick Riordan definitely fed that love. This was a funny collection of myths from around the world.  I thought it was nice that it wasn’t just Greek/Roman/Egyptian/Norse mythologies that so often get the most attention.  I learned about myths from China, Japan, South America, the Native Americans, as well as “American” mythology.  My only complaint is that as the focused moved from the more well known, it seemed as if O’Brien wasn’t trying as hard.

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The Creeping

by Alexandra Sirowy

2.5 stars

I wanted to love this so badly but in the end it fell between being ok and me liking it. It wasn’t the book I was looking for when I read it. I did like the pull between whether what was happening was supernatural or just the work of sick human beings, although I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the ending.  I can’t really list my main complaints without spoiling anything, so I’ll just say I was disappointed.  I will definitely check out Sirowy’s sophomore book, The Telling when it is released in 2016 because the writing was good and I’m hoping I will enjoy it more.

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The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson

1 star

I think it might be time to break up with Jodi Lynn Anderson. I tried to read Tiger Lily but I just couldn’t get into it.  Her writing, while extremely beautiful, is slow and quiet.  I didn’t feel any sort of connection to the characters in this story (which might have been the point as it is told from the POV of a ghost).  It isn’t a ghost story though and I was extremely angry when I finished this book.  There are only a few books that have left me with such a sense of rage, especially such beautifully written books.

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The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #1)

by Rick Riordan

3 stars

Have I mentioned how much I love Rick Riordan’s books? I listen to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series on repeat each night before I fall asleep and I haven’t tired of it yet.  My boyfriend on the otherhand hates Percy Jackson.  I LOVE PJO.  I really, really liked Heroes of Olympus.  I thought the Kane Chronicles were good and I gave them 3 stars.  So I wanted to love this book.  I wanted to learn all about Norse mythology with a fun and exciting twist.  But I only ended up liking it.  I will admit that all Rick’s books follow pretty much the same formula and Magnus did sound an awfully lot like Percy.  That’s not what upset me.  I don’t really care about that.  This book was just soooooooooooo long.  And the middle half read very slowly.  If about half of the middle had been cut I probably would have given this 4 stars because the ending certainly redeemed itself.


Georgetown Academy

by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz

GA: Book One     2 stars

GA: Book Two    2 stars

GA: Book Three 2 stars

I went into this series expecting a Gossip Girl like book set in DC. I live in Baltimore, but before I moved here I lived in DC for 7 years.  I went to college in DC and grew to love the city more than even NYC.  If my boyfriend wasn’t in law school in Baltimore we would probably still be living in DC.  I just love DC, ok?  So I was super exciting for this series.  I didn’t expect anything at all besides a fun and scandalous series.  But it wasn’t anything like Gossip Girl and I kind of hated it.  I gave it 2 stars because it kept me hooked and I wanted to keep reading but they pissed me off.  There is only one book left in the series (I think there were supposed to be more but the authors just stopped writing them) but I don’t think I’ll be reading it.  I should have stopped when the characters went to Cactus Cantina over Guapos for Mexican food. That is just blasphemous.


Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You 4 stars

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy 4 stars

Never Judge a Girl by Her Cover   4 stars

Only the Good Spy Young  4 stars

Out of Sight, Out of Time  4 stars

United We Spy  4 stars

I blew through this series. The last 4 books alone I read in 2 days. I wanted a fun escape after finishing my Twilight series reread and I got it. What I didn’t expect was to love it as much as I did.  Cammie and her friends, Liz, Bex and Macey were such delights.  There were of course some problems (I don’t think they would particularly make the best spies) but I was able to look past all of them because I was just having so much fun.  As soon as I finished the last book I wanted to jump right back in again. I mean who cares that it’s not literary when you have a smile on your face the entire time you are reading it? That’s what reading is all about: enjoying yourself and completely immersing yourself in a world of make believe. I think this will end up being the series I go to when I’m in a reading slump or whenever I need to cheer myself up after a devastating book.

Eclipse (Twilight #3)                            Breaking Dawn (Twilight #4)

by Stephenie Meyer

2 stars

So a few months ago I started a Twilight reread. I hadn’t read them since I originally read them back in 2008.  I loved them back then, but I was also 18 and completely and totally wrapped up in the romance and the vampires.  At 25, I think I’m a bit more mature than I once was, so I decided to have another look.  And you know what?  Looking past all the obvious flaws that I do in fact see this time, I still enjoyed myself while I was reading Twilight.  I even gave it 3 stars.  But then I got to the sequels and things started going downhill, but I still found myself enjoying them. But I’ve discovered that enjoying something doesn’t particularly mean I like it. But I didn’t hate them. I mean, I want to hate them because of everything they represent but I just can’t. This is getting pretty rambly so I’ll just end it by saying they both got 2 stars.


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 5.15.26 PMLife And Death: Twilight Reimagined

by Stephenie Meyer

1.5 stars

Well I was on a Twilight roll so I figured I might as well get it over with and read this reimagining. It was pretty bad. Way worse than all the originals put together and then some. How could it be worse than the original Twilight when it is basically just the same thing with “he” instead of “she”?  Well I just didn’t buy Beau as a boy.  He was still Bella, which I guess was the point, but what I mean is that I just kept forgetting that he was a boy.  I had that problem with a lot of the female-turned-male characters.  They were just still so…feminine (and I don’t like using that word because there is nothing wrong with being feminine. I guess they just still seemed so female is more what I’m trying to say.  Like I really just can’t see a guy going up to another guy being like… “We’re going to be best friends one day!” Sorry.)  So instead, I just pretended like it was Twilight but with a bunch of lesbian relationships.  That made it better.  And that info dump at the end was pretty bad.  So I gave it 1.5 stars because I feel bad about giving 1 stars when the book doesn’t make me ragey.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 6.16.45 PM.png


I See Reality: Twelve Short Stories about Real Life (Anthology)

2 Stars

This was an ARC that I received from Netgalley. I haven’t had the best luck with anthologies in the past and this one was no exception.  I hadn’t read a lot of these authors before and I can’t say I’m exactly itching to read any of them any time soon.  I thought I had a list of the 12 stories and my actual individual ratings of them, but I guess I must have accidentally deleted them.  Oh well.  Added up, I gave this 2 stars.

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