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The Assassin’s Blade

by Sarah J. Maas

I originally read the first two books of the “Throne of Glass” series in 2014.  I actually liked them a lot but as we all know I am terrible with finishing series especially series in progress.  So I decided that I would reread the series since there are now two more books out.  This time I decided to start with the prequel novellas that have been brought together in The Assassin’s Blade.  

And I have to admit, I am having a bit of a hard time reading this right now. Maybe it’s because there are five different novellas and that is stopping me from getting fully invested in the story  But I, unfortunately, believe that it has to do with my changing perception of Celaena.  When I originally read the first two books, I totally thought Celaena was some amazing bad ass assassin.  Now as I am reading the prequel novellas she is just annoying me.  It has gotten really bad in the 3rd story, “The Assassin and the Dessert”.

She is just so whiney and full of herself.  I expect assassins to be cocky;  I mean if they aren’t sure of themselves they probably wouldn’t make very good assassins.  But at the same time, we haven’t really been shown any real evidence that she is as good as she claims to be.  She says she is the land’s best assassin but I haven’t seen her kill anyone.  All the killing has taken place off page and/or told from someone else’s perspective.

And because of this I am getting really annoyed with her during this story where she is sent to train with another leader of assassins.  She is extremely annoyed that she has to prove herself to the Mute Master in order for him to train her himself.  She just expects him to basically be honored for a chance to train her; that as if at 17 years old she has mastered everything there is to know about killing people (even though I haven’t even seen her kill anyone).  She is coming off as extremely entitled as well as whiney.

I do think that this does add to her character development; it does show she has flaws and flaws help build well-rounded characters.  In this one story, however, it is never ending and is getting on my nerves.

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